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UNTOLD STORY: UCU Social Works Students Have Endorsed Busimo Kaye’s Bid To Run Presidency Social Works Students Association Ahead Of Next Month Polls



As Uganda Christian University the third largest University population in Uganda sets to hold its Association Social works student elections in early March where new president will be elected to replace the outgoing president or serving president in office

Information hitting our scoop indicates that the visionary leader, Busimo Kaye has finally agreed to take part in the awaited Social Works Student Association elections after successfully registering his name to be nominated. His entry will sum up the number of aspirants to about one.

During Last semster, small meetings and gathering, Kaye was spotted meeting a number of social works students to whom he promised to unveil his agenda which left mixed reactions upon students and his rivals.

Other sources say Busimo Kaye is likely to win the position of president Social Works Student Association since all his classmates and other students dinning and riding on him as the competent leader

It seems Busimo Kaye is the face of School of Business Busimo whom students have been waiting regardless of his age and status. .Some student in the names of Akello Sarah whispered to her boyfriend that Kaye Busimo is the way to go ahead of March Polls
The pressure mounting at the atmosphere politics of School of Business is intensifying with many students considering to ally with Kaye Busimo who has become a main threat in the race.

Our sources confirmed that Kaye vows to launch his manifesto in the coming days.One student pledged to hunt votes for Kaye Busimo in all styles and corners of University ( Mukono Hills)
Most of his supporters have started showing him with lots of love ever since he declared to run for president Social Works Students Association

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