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Uganda airport workers resorts to arrogance and corruption for air ticket clearance



Citizens ofUganda have expressed concerns over what they have termed as massive bribery and arrogance involving immigration officers at Entebbe International Airport.
This came after several tending social media posts in which many allege that some immigration officers are demanding bribes from citizen travellers before clearing them to take flights.

The citizens says that the range of the bribes asked is between $100 (Shs380,000) and $1000 (Shs3.8 million) and its only after paying bribes that they are allowed to proceed with their flights despite presenting all necessary documents required for travel outside Uganda, some officers come up with ‘baseless’ excuses to block their flights.

The has raised concerns among the citizens especially on social media, with some, calling for government’s intervention into what they say is a growing vice at the airport.

One of the Ugandan musician in the names of Don Mcee claimed that he missed his flight after refusing to pay Shs3.8 million bribe to one of the staff members at the immigration offices to clear his documents.
It should be remembered that this is not the first time citizen travellers have complained about extortion by immigration officers at Entebbe.

Last year in May, three immigration officers were arrested at the airport after allegedly causing a refugee to miss her flight purporting that she had forged clearance documents from the Office of the Prime Minister to the contrary.

It’s against the matter that citizens calls the government to intervene.

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