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BIG STORY: Dynamic Patriotic & Cadre, Senior Police Officer SP Jackson Mucunguzi Psc (U) Has Joined Sensitization War To End illicit/Counterfeit Goods In Uganda.



Yesterday 8pm there was big show on BBC online that caught attention on the globe/world link here shared(YouTube); when SP Jackson mucunguzi was digesting issues on joint efforts to fight fake and counterfeits goods hosted by senior lawyer in town Fred Muwema on Anti Counterfeit Network Africa platform called league of genuine talk show


SP Jackson mucunguzi digesting issues on big platforms how we can end counterfeit in Uganda.

” He pulled out the police efforts in fighting counterfeits and general illicit trade.He compared this crime as a global silent man made terrorism that all of us Ugandans should look at by stopping it since counterfeits affects us directly or indirectly,” said Jackson .

SP Jackson Mucunguzi is still fresh in our media eyes as former Makerere convocation contestant for chairmanship race last year 2022 . SP Jackson Mucunguzi is now using international & national avenues to make sure that the image of Uganda Police keeps excelling on intellectual podiums. He is popular with youths especially those in universities due to his passion for community policing and neighborhood watch programs in fighting 21st common crimes with in our mixed society full of new development dynamics especially unemployment & internet of things.

Mr Jackson Mucunguzi is a not just regular police senior officer . He holds bachelors in Arts(Muk) has three Masters in MBAOil& Gas(Uganda Christian Universty -Mukono) , Public Administration(Uganda Management Insitute-Kampala) & an Master of Arts in peace security & Governanc(UPEACE -Costrica).He is PhD student at Makerere University where he is investigating the impact of oil and gas discovery on human security in Albertine graben. This passion for going back to school time and again has inspired many Junior police officers to borrow a leaf from him .

Jackson said that we shouldn’t get worried of big machine guns but we should get worried of a disease called counterfeit since it directly attacks food-health human security.

In 2018, Jackson Mucunguzi represented Uganda in Lyon France in a conference about counterfeit where he was invited by interpol police. He was elected African representative in joint efforts to fight against counterfeits in the world .

Before joining police Jackson used to work in his late aunt Alice Magezi Bazeyo at shina collections Ltd where he learnt more counterfeits in fabric world .He made fan how they went for shopping in china and when his aunt asked one of supplier whether he knows Jesus, the Chinese asked them a sample of Jesus and which quality level did they want ! Such thinking of Chinese shows different levels of duplication in fabrics. Counterfeit fabrics are so dangerous where by some people may acquire skin rash & cancer due to the clothes they put on due to lack of information.”Counterfeit is dangerous to the people”, said Jackson.

Mr Jackson further said that there are Ugandans who naturally love bribing police officers hence portraying the lmage of police as corrupt. He reminded us that both the giver and reciever of bribes are enemies of development. He admitted how the police welfare is bad and in a comic way challenged Ugandans to follow the lord’s prayer which says that don’t lead the victim into temptation since police officers are vulnerable welfare wise .

“Mr Jackson said that counterfeit is dangerous & we should fight it together as ugandans if we to live longer” He confessed how one day when he was a DPC(Division police commander) responded to a scene where fake tea was mixed with marijuana on a funeral service that turned violent for mourners and church leaders due to counterfeit tea ingredients.” Such scenarios cause mob justice and affects national security in one way or another.”says Mucunguzi.

Mr. Jackson said that police officers are also victims of counterfeiting lts high time we be serious on counterfeiting together. Police officers live in same community and society with you our bosses -tax payers(wanahinci). What affects Ugandans affects police officers too. Afande Mucunguzi Jackson is known to his peers and comrades as family loving officer . His Social media accounts marched the allegation.

Nowonder he qoutes more philosophical mother Theresa in his public speeches.He normally says that if you want to impact society,you first love and defend your nucleus inner family.

Jackson told viewers that Counterfeit has gone so deep in things we eat ,put on use ,hold (phones) foods stuff etc . He quoted that things that look attractive with cheap price just know that counterfeiting or stolen items. He encouraged viewers to always check expiry dates ,brand , country of origin, seal plus other security description on goods bought. Some items are produced for export only which should raise customers suspecion.

Jackson said if we are to fight counterfeit we need to be patriotic in our own motherland. We must be the vanguards of defending our generation from it’s silent wars like food insecurity of counterfeits. A true pan africanist can’t allow an enemy of the continent like illicit trade ,goods especially counterfeits. Public Administration like policing is a calling and not a money making job . We must jointly protect community from danger. Counterfeit doesn’t know tribe,religion,age ,sex ,colour even political party. It affects me and you. says afande Mucunguzi.

Mr Jackson mucunguzi said if you’re doctor in hospitals and allow fake drugs to be sold in pharmacies which can cause cancer to the public due to your personal interest then you’re an enemy of the country’s progress.

If you bribe a police officer on road sides that means you’re promoting bad culture that can enable counterfeiting in the society!
“Counterfeit can be stopped only in Uganda if we’re patriotic Jackson” remarked

Mr Jackson mucunguzi said that police is looking forward to fight counterfeit by arresting culprits who promote it directly.

Mr Jackson mucunguzi said security begins with you before you blame the police ,your neighbor,police or government.

On academic transcripts in education sector in Uganda; Mr Jackson mucunguzi said that police recruited constables who had faked academic documents from Nasser road in town and they couldn’t explain themselves about their academic forgeries . suspects were prosecuted in courts of law. It came to our attention as police that parents aide forgery, buying fake goods etc which is regrettable in 21st parenting assignment.

Mr Jackson mucunguzi said that once the society embrace counterfeit then it means it will be late to stopped in the community when many people are dying silently.

Over 100 cases of counterfeits were reported last year where most people dont report .Some fear recording statements while others say police wastes their time only to release the culprits . others see it as source of employment for their people, others think cheap goods make them survive in poor economy etc. This is a bad Ideology according to Jackson Mucunguzi.

Anti Counterfeit Network is credited with increasing public awareness about the counterfeits among those who affect and are affected by counterfeits which is hosted by fred founding partner of Muwema & Co- advocates. Fred Muwema is a seasonal successful lawyer with over 25 yrs experience in sports, banking and now in intellectual property laws with much passion in fight against counterfeits.

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