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OPINION: UCU’s Fearless Leader Ojok Oyet Nelson Takes Marginal Lead For Speakership Race Ahead of UNSA Next Polls



With just a couple of days left before Uganda National Students Association ( UNSA) elects a speaker and other executive cabinets, a poll conducted by campasstv shows that UCU’s prominent leader is ahead of Makerere’s fearless leader, Mucyo Gatuyo, if elections were conducted today.
According to the poll, 48% delegates said they would vote for Nelson while 23% said they would go for Muyco Gatuyo, who has been Makerere’s guild speaker for 11 months.

The poll reveals that 16% of the delegates are still waiting for 16th January 2023 to decide who they would choose while 12% declined to give their opinion of the matter.

This means that the final results could change when the undecided delegates, who total 26%, make up their minds.

Over 800 were interviewed for the poll. The poll was conducted by December.

From the poll, 45% of the male delegates said they would vote Nelson while 27% of the males showed their preference for Muyco implying that more men are more likely to vote for Nelson as opposed to Mucyo

The poll also showed that at least 42% of the female delegates would vote Nelson while 26% would vote Mucyo to be the speaker in the 33rd house.

Mucyo is also leading in western region with 45% of the delegates saying they would vote for him compared with 9.4% who said they would go for Nelson Oyet.

Muyco also enjoys more support among western delegates with 37% of them saying they would vote for her. Oulanyah scored 35% among independents.

The poll shows that in the central region Nelson is leading with 29%. Mucyo came the second with 21%

In  the Eastern region at least 39% said they are more likely to vote for Nelson while 35% think Mucyo is a better representative for them.

In the Northern region, 63% of the delegates interviewed said they would vote Nelson while 19% would go with Mucyo.

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