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UNTOLD STORY: Eight Candidates Boycotted the Makerere Convocation Chairmanship Race After Election Sparked Off Coup De-tat, What Went Wrong?



Eight candidates boycotted the Makerere election race leaving out only Mr. George Turyamureeba Mugabi whom Dr. Tanga Odoi and his son wanted most citing vote fraud

This however forced all candidates led by Hon. Gerald Karuhanga, Mr.Charles Odongtho who is a journalist at UBC, Mr.Daniel Bateeze, SP Mucunguzi Jackson, Dr Anthony Tibaingana PHD, Dr. Byakatonda who is a member of parliament representing workers, Byakutangaza Ezra who is Makerere administrator among other withdrew from the election and boycott it saying that they cannot engage in a fraudulent exercise led by Mr. Tanga Odoi.

Odoi, who doubles as NRM Electoral Commission and out going Chairperson Makerere Convocation is accused of fighting hard to pave way for Collins Tanga who doubles as his son as Publicity Secretary and George Turyamureeba as Chairperson.

The candidates first complained about the missing names in the voter’s register despite payment of fees to participate in the elections .
The candidates also complained about the bias the organizing committee which also included the University Academic Registrar. weeks back, an alleged letter purported to be from the Vice Chancellor was also seen asking for financial help for one of the candidates which went viral on social media .Later on prof barnabas Nawangwe came out and denied the letter that made rounds on social media. He stated it in the Makerere main Makerere Convocation WhatsApp forum” This is fake! , treat with contempt, that’s not my signature and the whole world knows my signature ”

However Counsel Robert Rutaro, former Treasurer candidate in the recent Makerere Convocation elections has sued the Dr.Tanga Odoi and the academic registrar Makerere University for bleaching the constitution law of Makerere Convocation by organizing an election that wasn’t in the accordance of Makerere Convocation constitution

Robert rushed to court to challenge Dr.Tanga Odoi and his fellow organizers for milking this election with vote fraud .He protested against the manner in which this election was organized without following the right path

Today high court of Uganda sent an email to the applicant, Counsel robert briefing him when the final judgment or ruling take place.

” This application coming for final disposal ex parte this 29th day of December 2022 before his lordship hon mubiru justice Boniface Wamala and ruling have been delivered by email and received by counsel applicant” boniface Wamala noted.

SP Jackson Mucunguzi who was also a candidate in the race said that what was witnessed on 30th Friday 2022 was nolonger an election because people who were organising the election took it personal by playing their games in that the final list of voters wasn’t published, names of Almuni who had subscribed to Makerere Convocation were missing on the voter register.

He further took his dismay on his biggest platform on Twitter to disatisfy in which the elections were handled .

” My take on last concluded Makerere Alumni elections is that 8 candidates out of 9 ; boycotting shouldn’t taken for granted! As guild constitution was overhauled to allow hybrid of online and physical , Convocation constitution too needs overhaul! Non teaching staff shouldn’t be members. Mr Byakutangaza Ezra who was also candidate in the race supported the idea that Non teaching members shouldn’t be part of Makerere Convocation

He added; Makerere Alumni should be made qualitative in that membership must be annual at fee of atleast 50k ! We need to have a project that members should contribute too We need candidates to pay nomination fees of atleast 1M and finally the new constitution shouldn’t allow outgoing Ex committee be part of EC . Dr. Tibingina Anthony has been advocating for an independent body ever since he kicked off with his campaigns last year in December.

Mr Charles Odongtho who a is renown senior journalist and former co-host of NBS TV Frontline a political show, told campasstv that this elections exposed many people who had taken Makerere Convocation as their business and property .Literally did we know that some administrators had a candidate in this election that they were supporting which means it was hard to have a free and fair election.

For the first time since 1970, this time round it attracted ten thousands of people to get involved and be part of this elections where people traveled miles of kilometers to come and vote for their candidates but guess what they got disappointed after their fellow Alumni were arrested and this forced many to boycott the election leaving few individuals to vote for George Turyamureeba Mugabi who tussled out with Otim the deputy academic Registrar Makerere University.

Former Makerere Convocation Chairperson Eng .Dr charles Wana Etyem advised Tanga Odoi to postpone elections but his advice fell on closed ears . Citing that the organizers were not ready to conduct this election since the returning officer didnt exercise his duties to conduct a free and fair election

” Let Makerere Convocation be an independent body to the right people so that everyone can have a fruitful stay in it . As the motto says that We shall never say goodbye let’s Makerere Convocation a home for everyone who went through the gates of Makerere University” said Charles Odongtho

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