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BIG STORY: SP Jackson Mucunguzi Vows To Win The Makerere Convocation Chairmanship Race, After All Odds Are On His Side Ahead Of 30th December



Makerere’s Ex Guild, GRC & Security minister who later on became OC and chief Security Officer Of the Same University SP Jackson Mucunguzi psc (U) at Makerere University popularly known as indomitable lion has vowed to win ahead of prepared elections with the biggest percent since majority of former students who subscribe to Makerere Convocation have pledged to rally behind him since he played big role to security and safety of students is not at risk way back as serving OC Makerere Police Station and head of chief security too.

Jackson Mucunguzi is the first senior Police officer in the history of Uganda Police Force who is contesting for Makerere Convocation Chairmanship race .

His modest origins and youth are key to his popularity in his constituency (home counnty), he also earned a big following on Twitter which he uses to interact with his Twitter followers and supporters in a well during his free time.

SP Jackson Mucunguzi begun his political ambition during his early days of campus times, when he announced he was contesting for Mitchell security minister, GRC, Guild Minister where won the elections beating his rivals heavy knockouts

SP Jackson Mucunguzi announced his intention to contest for committee member Uganda Management Institute Convocation where he won a landslide victory where he seats at UMI convocation as a committee member .

SP Jackson Mucunguzi said that the reason why he contested for Chairperson Makerere Convocation is because he wanted to practice democracy like the way FBI in United States Of America involves in University Politics and Colleges portraying the image that Police doesn’t only keep law and order about involve in community activities.

Makerere University is sick and am the doctor to heal Makerere University from infectious diseases that makes it look unhealthy in the face of the lookers said Jackson

SP Jackson plans to start a Makerere think tank on all socio-economic and political issues. This tank shall majorly do academics research and disseminate findings through publications and public fora.

According to observers if Jackson Mucunguzi is not taken so seriously he might become a threat to his competitors since he is hitting grounds so seriously and he has received overwhelming endorsements from different people calling him to restore the glory of Makerere Convocation since its on verge of losing its glory.

Makerere Convocation elections will take place on 30th December Friday at CTF within Makerere University premises where the new executive cabinet will be casted in.

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