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KyuGuildPolls: FDC Flag Bearer Okori Brian ls ln Comfortable Lead Ahead Of His Rivals At Kyambogo University As Elections Draw Closer



With less than a week to Kyambogo’s Guild elections, the latest survey by the leading opinion polls puts FDC flag bearer and Guild Presidential candidate Okori Brian ahead by a marginal lead

A poll conducted by People’s front for transition shows Okori Brian is leading with about 60% compared to his rivals

The polls whose respondents were interviewed through telephone covered over 100 hostels in banda and 8 facilities , 5 halls of residence of kyambogo

FDC flag bearer who doubles as UNSA finance Secretary, Okori has set himself in a very comfortable lead in his race towards scoping the Guild Presidential seat at kyambogo University.

Okori’s popularity has increased by ever since hit the grounds to canvass for votes from student’s residential places

Okori , commonly known as retivatizer , FDC Flag holder, formidable leader, among others has set an abyss between him and his opponents and is seemingly headed for a landslide victory in the Elections slated for 5th, January, 2023.

Hitting the grounds during Christmas break holiday

Our website also did ground analysis on the numerous ongoing elections sampled over 1000 voters of kyambogo University and the poll showed a landslide for the FDC flag bearer Okori Brian

Last week’s Presidential debate out competed his rivals in the hotly organized debate by the University’s Electoral Commission where thousands of students gathered at student’s center to listen to their Presidential candidate’s speech, arguments, and how they answer the questions asked by the moderator of NBS who is a Senior journalist at Next media.

After the Presidential debate, thousands of students joined Okori’s procession rally where majority of students were heard saying” we’re tired of NUP confusion, we rather go with Okori for Guild Presidency “.

Next week on 5th January, Kyambogo University will go to polls to choose their next Guild President who will replace the outgoing Guild President HE Serge Tumwine

According to statistics and polls conducted by people and groups , still the FDC flag bearer Okori Brian earns himself a comfortable seat ahead of next polls

We keep you posted.

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