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Makerere PHD Student, SP Mucunguzi Jackson Sets His Eyes On Makerere Convocation Chairmanship Race As He Unveils His Five -Folk Manifesto Ahead Of 30th December Polls



SP. Jackson Mucunguzi, a senior police officer is apparently tuning tables different at Uganda’s oldest university after coming out to contest for the Makerere University convocation chairmanship.

Mucunguzi said he is ready to take the mantle as an alumnus, and now a PhD student at the same university and head of Doctrine Development Unit for Uganda Police Force

He holds line and relative Academic titles from Uganda Christian University Mukono ( MBA in Oil and Gas) , UPEACE from Costa Rica in South America MA ( Peace, Security & Governance), Amity University india (PGD-HRM), BARs-OGs & CSk from Makerere University, DPAM from Uganda Management Institute where he is a board member of alumni association and representing kampala beyond and extra where he joined after his studies at Senior Secondary level at Kebisoni, Makobore and Kyamakanda SSS in Mpororo Dynasty in Rukungiri District

He further said he is experienced with university’s politics having been a GRC of Lumumba Hall, guild security, minister 2008/2009 which he served with unreserved commitment and also head of security for seven years as an O/C as well as a chief security officer at the same university.
Mucunguzi was also DPC for Wandegeya Police in-charge of the community policing division in the Alma mater is located and did his best with no reasonable doubt

SP. Jackson Mucunguzi speaking with our reporter, Mucunguzi said that, the ivory tower is currently having some issues with its leadership and he hopes to work with teams to solve them if he is elected as the chairman.

The current issues include, poor communication between convocation and other stakeholders especially between students and the alumni association and poor mobilization.
Mucunguzi noted that there is poor representation of government and university management at the ivory tower.

In his campaign agenda, Mucunguzi says once elected, he will immediately start by introduction of data collection and employment center, introduction of electronics management and leadership systems, mobilizing for the construction of A state of the Art modern Plaza ( main project offices within a University and hotel ), popularizing the convocation at national and international platforms, mobilization of members wherever they are to raise funds and other supporting efforts to better Makerere University and implementing the constitution of the convocation, in addition to laying strategies for making the convocation great by engaging all stakeholders.

SP plans to champion for establishment of a workable work plan geared towards the establishment of the Data collection and Employment center(s) at Makerere University and sub districts under the Convocation Umbrella to help supplement the already established and live stractures whose mandate is similar to addressing the issues of Unemployment, Scholarships, Public awareness and helping government in harmonising the gaps that render all such issues impracticable and unattainable.

“This shall begin by tracking all the necessary information whose purpose is to set a platform where all the unemployed, underemployed and Retiring graduates of Makerere can find information necessary to address the issue of unemployment.
We also intend to enter into mutual understanding with Private Sector Foundation, Public Service Sector and Related International organisations to have our Academia utilized by enhancing all such opportunities to us as and when available”, said SP Jackson

SP Jackson plans to champion for introduction of Electronics management and leadership since the world is advancing technologically as a global village, It is important to observe that failure to effectively adopt to the trend has marginalised access to key services. First of all, this has facilitated poor access to information, unequal and inadequate access to better education, which have in a long run greatly biased government in as far as respect for human rights is concerned.

“We intend to establish an electronic management system which shall facilitate the Convocation administration in monitoring and remotely overseeing the activities of the Association but also facilitate better access to services virtually ie. Online Job search, Monthly newsletters and globally facilitate the absorption and solving of cross boarder challenges ie. Climate Change etc.
It is in our view therefore, that we find it appropriate to introduce the Electronic voting System at the Convocation Secretariat. Well aware that Makerere University, at 100 years now has produced a quantity of remarkable and celebrated persons all over the continent, it is justified to that effect that a billion of those do not participate in decision making; In other words, they are not subscribed members of the supreme organ which makes decisions at the AGM”, said SP Jackson

“We therefore believe that, this shall facilitate the motive forward and regenerate the morale and sense of belonging into the Alumni”, he added

SP Jackson plans to mobilize for the construction of A state of the Art Modern Plaza since Makerere University has unutilized pieces of land ie. In Makindye, Katanga, Gayaza road, Kabanyolo, Kololo, Kasangati, Jinja etcetera for commercial purposes. Through engagement with the University management, Government and other relevant stakeholders, where The Convocation shall take a lead mobilization function to have the resources available..

“We therefore possess a view that if this land can be utilized by having our state of the Art plaza and hotel raised to the sky, it is without doubt that this shall of great help to the convocation and Makerere University altogether in collecting revenue / money to facilitate a million of activities lying half alive in the docket of the Convocation Administration, but also help us not to burden ourselves with unending subscription fees which to many may be unaffordable or unattainable in the circumstances” he stated

“As a concerned member of the Makerere University Convocation, I am of a disposition that seeks to restore lost glory of the Association, a family that inspires and motivates participation of it’s children, the Association whose public image is notably worth to associate with, An Association whose rules and guidelines as established are respected and adhered to at all times”, he noted

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