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BIGSHOT: Ex Guild Minister Makerere, Bashir Kamugo’s Candidature Endorsed By Hundreds Of Makerere Alumni Ahead Of Forth Coming Makerere Convocation Elections



The celebrated Political figure at the hills of lvory tower is not retiring from active Politics. This follows his announcement to contest for committee member in Makerere Convocation House. Bashir’s rise to supremacy was in his University days of activism he led a group of students to demand for marks of graduands and welfare for government students back in days

Bashir Kamugo is the topic at Makerere following his recent declaration to vie for the Committee membership seat in Makerere Convocation.

Having joined Makerere where he matriculated in Bachelor’s of Arts in Social Sciences, Bashir Kamugo did not retrain himself within the corridors of academia. He extended his goals to serve in the students leadership which placed him in the Makerere spotlight during the of regin of Nyanjura as the 79th Vice President Government. He notably hit the scene when he ran for the Culture Minister Lumumba Hall in a highly competitive election that left him among the top contender.

Bashir Kamugo is father, orator, business man and leader in character who never ceased his zeal to serve his people when he soldiered on to the National Politics scene where he won a contested Muluka 2 Councillor Lc3 seat in 2016

Today, his intent for Makerere Convocation Committee Membership seat remains a decision lingering and dominating debates of Makerere Alumni and staff members with most counting him a liberator of their locality. “I trust Bashir as a leader because he championed for hands on job skills employment and teaching Muluka residents creative arts to earn from a living. He will be efficient once placed there”, Muluka 2 resident confessed.

With the election clock ticking at a tremendous pace, the time for Makerere Alumni to have a reliable leader is yet to elapse.

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