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BREAKING: Former Makerere Guild President Ssempijja Ivan Eyes For Makerere University Convocation Treasurer Seat Ahead Of Forth Coming Elections



Former Makerere University Guild President, Ssempijja lvan is eyeing the Makerere University Convocation treasure seat that Campasstv has learnt about it

Ssempijja, who served as Makerere University’s 86th Guild President is making big moves into the alumni association of the university using a pressure group, Magma is Coming

Ssempijja is renown for his slogan called melting magma that went viral on social media and all over the world which made do miracles and wonders

Ssempijja lvan shocked the nation as he was elected Makerere’s Guild President in 48 hours

Ssempijja joined the guild race in 2021 and out competed his rivals in a highly competitive race that took place on 7th May 2021

The Makerere University Convocation is made up of all graduates and members of staff of the university or any other member that the University Council may authorize and admit to be part of it.

It is a very instrumental organ in the operations of the university and has a seat on the Makerere University Council – the highest decision-making organ in the university.

Know more about Ssempija’s life style, politics, education background, proffession

Ssempijja lvan was former deputy speaker of Lumumba hall and later speaker of the same hall
He joined Makerere University in 2016 for a 5 years course, Bachelor’s of Medicine and Surgery and he completed in time in 2021 and he graduated

Ssempijja is currently working at china-uganda friendship Hospital, Naguru as a doctor

Ssempijja lvan is a policy Analyst and member of the National Unity platform. He is among the top NUP officials who unveiled the biggest Opposition party in the history of Uganda’s Politics to challenge the seating president in Power

Ivan ssempijja served as 86th Guild President Makerere University leading a government popularly known as melting magma generation that made rounds on social media and allover the world.

Ssempijja during his University’s political times as a guild leader, he advocated for a better tuition policies at the the mighty lvory tower where he achieved one of his manifesto five points during the time of campaigns to halt the controversial 15% cumulative tutition increment policy. The halt of 15% cumulative tutition increment policy made lvan receive overwhelming messages from the allover the world
Ssempijja lvan is remembered for standing with students

During his reign, he made a record for requesting the administration to allow students to sit for exams without paying tuition since majority of parents were affected by the pandemic and were not working by then, this prompted the administration to listen to his request and allow all students to sit for exams without paying tuition for agross period of time

Ssempijja lvan’s government is credited as the best government ever to out shine other governments that were there in power before him.

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