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MakGuildPolls: NUP’s Alionzi Lawrence Dangote Wins Makerere’s Hotly Contested Guild Presidential Race



National Unity Platform’s (NUP) Alionzi Dangote Lawrence has won Makerere University’s guild presidential race after garnering 5839 votes

Alionzi Dangote moments in the past guild rallies

National Unity Platform’s (NUP) Alionzi Dangote has won Makerere University’s guild presidential race.

Alionzi Lawrence aka Dangote is a fourth year student of Bachelor of Electrical Engineering.

According to the results that were posted on Social media by Makerere EC commissioners, Alionzi garnered 5839 votes, which represented about 54.16 percent of the total votes cast.
National Resistance Movement (NRM) Hussein lbra finished second in the race, garnering 2079 votes, which is about 14.945 percent.
The rest of the six candidates commanded least votes respectively paving way for Alionzi as the winner

NUP’s Alionzi campaigned under the wave slogan that made other universities borrow a leaf from his famous song ” Allow to us, to Allow you, to teach eeeh song eeh Dangote which made him compose a famous slogan ” Allow us to handle “

NUP President Robert Kyagulanyi with Makerere guild president elect Alionzi Dangote at NUP headquarters in kamwokya

Dangote Alionzi earlier today through his social media platforms , thanked all Makerere students for voting him and entrusting him with the powers to lead them to the New Makerere they want to be in .

Alionzi now becomes the 88th Guild President of Makerere University after making history today. He will be sworn this week as the elect Guild President where he will take over the new office replacing Nambassa shamim .


  1. Anyango Lilian

    November 30, 2022 at 10:52 pm

    Congratulations to His Excellence Dangote

  2. Julian kibumba

    November 30, 2022 at 10:58 pm

    Dangote oooooye
    eeeeeeeeeh makerere oooooye

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