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Revealed: Nup kyambogo guild primary election confronted by the state.



News just in is that the kyambogo University Nup Chapter has been confronted by acandidate calling him self Nup die hard yet he is an NRM comrade.
According to sources of information,a one BWETE AZIZI subortaged the nomination fee of 300,000 which was accepted by other candidates in the names of Wafula Edrine Koholo,Nkwanga Micheal and Bless.
This was put by the kyambogo University Nup chapter to run the activities of chapter until the last day of getting aflag bearer.The one million Two hundred uganda shillings was accountable for as follows.

600,000 was for the Kyambogo University Electoral nomination fee and the remaining amount of 600,000 was to run the chapter activities like The Red Wednesday and the general camps meeting as well if all the candidates were to pay.
A one Aziz later on petitioned the Kyu chapter claiming that he is acommon Student and he doesn’t have the money to pay the chapter.

The biggest question that bits interlectuals of mighty based University whether there is any person who vows for guild race without a single coin in the wallet.
The petition that he wrote was granted by the Nup general Secretary Louis Lubongoya and instructed the chapter to reverse the money.

He promise to avail some money to help the chapter run its activities however uptodate no moneye was received yet the chapter has an activity called the Nup general assembly on Tuesday 29th/11/2022.

Alerter of petition by bwete Azizi

The same Azizi, on Monday wrote another petition claiming that the delegate process is not transparent yet it was the same date when the Electoral Management committee (EMC) was vetting the delagates.

In an interview with some of the students of die hards of the Nup Camp,they said,it’s so ashaming that there some people who still wants to divide Nup at Kyambogo never the less Nup just lost in the recently concluded elections.

Some lamented that is the same methodology that the junta uses so that he can disorganize opposition by planting in People claiming to be party members yet they not.

According to the Chapter road map,1st of December 2022 will be the debate and then Friday 2nd/12/2022 primarie will be conducted.

Stay online, More updates coming in…………..

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