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UNSAPolls: Aine Peter Declares His Bid To Run For UNSA Presidency Ahead Of December Polls



As the race for the elections for UNSA draws closer, battle for UNSA Presidency has attracted over 10 aspirants vying for the same post.

Yesterday evening, Aine Peter, today declared and confirmed his determined move to contest at the Level of President for the Uganda National Students Association (UNSA), the largest Students body in the Country today. This comes a head of the highly contested December polls that are supposed to usher in new leadership.

Aine’s declaration made rounds on social media as his closest counterpart, friends wished him luck as she was posted allover all platforms especially WhatsApp statuses, Aine’s official poster earned attention from onlookers who graced his declaration

Aine Peter is vocal leader who served in various Academic and Community leadership positions as we shall understand in the next few paragraphs.  

Aine is currently a Jungle Professor Academy Manager with the African Graduate Entrepreneurship (AGE) Institute whose aim is Professional Global Career Preparation for your graduates aiming to get a niche in professional careers abroad, he founded a Communications Company early May this year, called Mettle Analytica Communications limited and is currently serving in a position of Managing Director, Aine has also been an instrumental research fellow on the Transformational Citizens Encyclopaedia (TRACE) an initiative of Great Lakes Regional University which can be accessed on android through the TRACE Institute App. He  founded two movements in 2021 that is Youth With A vision Enterprise Africa whose four pillars are Morality,  Effective Entrepreneurship, Transformational Cultural Attributes and Global Academic Competitiveness and Nile Child Renaissance initiative whose aim was Early Childhood development (ECD) Interventions and Adolescent Health strategies.

Formerly Aine Peter served in Various student leadership positions while studying in one of the most prestigious boys school in Uganda. He is the former Head Prefect Ntare School 2018/19 and while serving in this position he contested for leadership on the Regional level and was elected President Uganda Secondary Schools Prefects Association(USSPA) Western Uganda 2018/19. He did not stop there and he proceeded and became the National President of all the Prefects in Uganda (USSPA 2019/2020).

Aine Peter is also a highly decorated debater having been the National Best Speaker Writing Our World Debate Tournament in 2018 and a two times National debate champion, that is National Debate Council 2018 and Writing Our World 2017.

The enthusiastic leader became among the few chosen Ugandans in 2016 to participate in the Olympic Values Youth Camp organised with the aim of promoting Olympism and the Yale Young African Scholars Program, the only Yale University America led student Program in Africa.

Through an interview with our reporter, he was asked about his slogan; “Restoring Dignity”, Aine Peter was quick to state that now, more than ever UNSA has a lot of work to do and this will only start with choosing a leadership that is build on trust, vision and charisma.

The Presidential aspirant emphasised the need to decentralise UNSA by empowering regional structures to do activities as they ought, he reiterated that Students concerns countrywide are varied and enormous from marginalised groups,  stigma, environmental factors, World perspectives among others and stated that his government will majorly base on Students problems for actual activism and key policy reforms.

Aine vowed to protect the Autonomy and Values of UNSA if elected President and promised to enhance entrepreneurial, Scientific and technological innovation in his government since he says that the rest of the world is advancing with great speed that it is incumbent upon our education system to catch up with the pace.
For the new things he is bringing on board, he says he will push for further reviews in the curriculum since the developed countries like Japan have about 4 types of academic evaluation and awards to cater for different abilities of students, that is the highly skilled, highly Academic, highly managerial and the entrepreneurial.

Aine is also vowed to be a front liner in ensuring that the karamajong child on the streets of Kampala are rehabilitated and given an education that is dignified.

UNSA is the umbrella body that unites student’s leaders at tertiary and secondary levels of education in Uganda. It was established under section 30 of the education Act. It replaced the National Union of Student’s of Uganda (NUSU) in 1998 to end supposed inequality and discrimination in the organisation.

UNSA is mandated to voice student’s concerns, ensure student’s welfare and build effective leadership among students

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