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Kyambogo’s Future Accountant Acayo Prisca Declares Her Intention To Run For GRC Evening Students Ahead Of December Polls




Kyambogo University is into another exciting season of elections where different students stand out of the ordinary take on the responsibility of leading the best

Acayo is a second year Kyambogo University student pursuing Bachelor’s of Accounting and finance from school of management and entrepreneurship who is vying for GRC Evening Students ahead of December Polls

Kyambogo’s economist, has declared her intention to run for GRC Evening Students

According to Ms Prisca, she made her intention vying for GRC evening students through our website publication

“Earlier today, I contacted campasstv media house, to pronounce my intent to seek the publicity so that l can declare my candidature, said Acayo

Acayo made this declaration early on Friday evening, a move which was welcomed by her classmates and coursemates who would like to send one of their own to represent them at the Guild House.
“You can’t stop an idea whose time has come. We are for Acayo Prisca for Evening Students,” Martin Obbo, one of the students commented on the move.

Voting of new Guild representative Councilors (GRC) is scheduled for mid December

GRC is the umbrella body that unites students’leaders at University level where the table their issues affecting their fellow students whom they represent in the guild house.

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