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#KYUDECIDES 2022: Is it about Leadership or a Money Heist in FDC Kyambogo Chapter?



I have followed with great concern, the politics around public Universities especially those that allow partisan politics, most nobly my home– Kyambogo University. A lot is lacking. There have been barbaric acts of exploitation and extortion among those seeking to be leaders by those masquerading to be the technical staff.

I have interested myself in clearly assessing whether it’s indeed a question of leadership or a robbery mission to eliminate the capable poor while spearheading the ideally ramshackle but financially okay yet unsatisfied and greedy.

To this effect, the latter seems to have more momentum as opposed to the former! To begin with, in a current state of affairs where the economy has even pushed world governments to the wall, where does the FDC Kyambogo Chapter get the guts of unreasonably charging smoothly two million for one to vie for the party card?

In this state of a quagmire, where even zero tuition payment is becoming a hoax how dare the FDC to restrict potential, formidable, able, ideologically upright individuals from vying for the topmost office in the disguise that one must pay an Exorbitant commitment fee? Is one’s commitment in any way related to their financial muscle?

Do we then ask after such people signing draconian policies once assuming office in their quest to recover their money? Isn’t this responsible for the endless money related deals that the financially suppressed leaders involve themselves in moments after assuming offices.

And at the Banda hill, it’s even worse where this so called FDC is in charge! Not even a single project has been started and successfully accomplished yet the finances to run them are provided. Is it the Annual Bazaar which recently suffered a pre mature death? What is the logic behind this insanity.

Instead of mentoring for the future why then exploit the future? If I may ask, what is the fate of that student who injects his or her hard-earned money only to lose a rigged and sham party primaries election? But anyways when did we get here?

How about if we completely do away with these colonial outfits? How about if we embrace the individual merit mechanism as opposed to this hate-breeding system? Like how about if we decide to kick these division traps out of our institutions of learning?

Shall all of us wait to be killed by our brothers or sisters with whom we differ in ideology?
Dear countrymen and women for how long shall we cling to something we even don’t understand best?

Muhumuza Asaph Mugyenzi

The writer is a second-year student at Kyambogo University pursuing a bachelor’s degree of Arts with Education

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