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Exclusive Interview With The Respected Kyambogo’s Feminist Aspiring For GRC Faculty Of Social Sciences (FASS)



As Kyambogo University (KYU) students are set to elect their Guild Leaders in December. There are many guild aspirants vying for the office of the Guild President and Guild Representative Councilors.

Djcampus Campasstv journalist interviewed Asasiira Racheal Kyambogo student ahead of December Polls

Djcampus: Who is Asasiira Racheal ?
Talk about yourself

Asasiira Racheal: Is a young hardworking motivated youth leader passionate about serving fellow young people

Djcampus: What inspired you to join leadership?

Asasiira Racheal: Like earlier stated, passion to serve young people is the biggest motivation.

Djcampus: What motivated you to do stand for this post which is so competitive?

Asasiira Racheal: My confidence and zeal to work for the students of this mighty university motivated me to stand for this post…

Djcampus: What message do yo have for all social Science students at different levels?

Asasiira Racheal: The only thing I can assure social science students is that the time for effective leadership is here…
Let’s embrace change that we have for a long time waited for…
And the time is now…
I call upon all students to entrust me with there mandates and I promise to do my best and to serve them to the best of my knowledge…..

Djcampus: What message do you have for the current incumbent GRC for FASS?

Asasiira Racheal: l want to extend my thanks to all the incumbent GRC’s for the good work they have done and for the good service delivery…And
I wish them the best as they complete their term of office, prepare to handover and request them to guide/orient me in the new office since service delivery for FASS students is the priority

Djcampus: How are you going to deal with poor performance at your faculty you’re serving as class representative?

Asasiira Racheal: Staunch coordination with the administrative and teaching staff will dilute the poor services given to students and cooperate with all staff to remit courtesy

Djcampus: Many students at Faculty of Social Sciences have been complaining about the issue of increasing retakes by some lectures, Since you’re leader how will ensure that this problem is curbed and controlled?

Asasiira Racheal: Problem identification to that effect with teaching staff and fellow student leaders which will lead to problem disentangling for the long run.

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