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Dont Miss This Exclusive Interview With The Unsung Kyambogo’s Political Figure Epetait Silver Vying For The Guild President Seat Ahead Of December Polls



Who is Epetait Silver ?

As Kyambogo University (KYU) students are set to elect their Guild Leaders in December. There are many guild aspirants vying for the office of the Guild President and Guild Representative Councilors.

Djcampus Campasstv journalist interviewed Epetait Silver Kyambogo’s Political figure ahead of December Polls

Djcampus: Who is Epetait Silver?
Talk about yourself

Epetait Silver: l am a young man hailing from the Eastern part of Uganda in the great Teso Land and Ngora in Particular.

I come from the Great Amugoli family which has produced great leaders in this country Like the former Hon. Dr Francis Epetait who happens to be my mentor and an inspirational Leader.

I am also a very social person who bases my leadership on a prostudents approach which involves a series of consultations for a better service delivery.

Djcampus: What inspired you to join leadership?

Epetait Silver: Like the saying goes that “leaders are chosen by God” I have been a leader from childhood. In my O’level I was head boy Fr. Kiggen Mem. College, Ngora.

In A’Level I was headPrefect Mbale Secondary School and above all the Chairperson Mbale District Prefectorial Club MDSSPC a body that collectively managers student affairs in the District.

I am an interacter who believes in service above self which makes me a servant Leader for the new Kyambogo

Restoration of Kyambogo’s Glory which should have happened like Yesterday is another very partinate issue that informed my decision to run for the highest seat in this hill.

Djcampus: Incase, you are elected in December as the 19th Guild President, what are you going to do for the students once you are in mandated in power?

Epetait Silver: SURCHARGE ,
First and foremost I will have to engage the management on very piercing issues on an average student struggling to raise tuition amidst harsh economic conditions. In my opinion there is no value in making students miss exams and yet they have to clear tuition before Graduation! This is so disturbing as students have to look for tuition and at the same time they have to find time to redo the missed papers


We need to acknowledge the fact that we come from different economic backgrounds where even going to school almost became optional in some families due to financial discrepancies which has been solely sponsored by regime, at this point I don’t see the reason this should still continue to be the burden for the students I want interest myself in making this great institution great to it’s olden days.

Missing Marks

This has now become the song of the day however with Silver this has to be eliminated

Accessibility of internet to the students: the wifi network we have is really a joke for the latest technology so slow to the fact that it me not support e-learning incase we were to adopt this against the normal class studies


If you interest yourself to move around the campus u will realize that less attention has been paid on the places of convenience which are like a backbone of any family that proclaims to be hygienic!

There is a lot to be done and I want to affirm that in me come a leader with all the qualities the struggle requires!

Djcampus: Students have been facing issues of marks. Previous graduation, thousands of students missed on the list of graduands because they didn’t have marks. As a leader how are you going to make sure the issue of missing marks is put in format and order?

Epetait Silver: This has been a main issue amongst us as the students, and this cuts across from the technology, lecturers and the students at large I want to bridge that gap between the lecturer and the students to ensure that this is even fixed between the lecturers and the students before we get to level of involving the general management.

Djcampus: What motivated you to do stand for this top post which is so competitive?

Epetait Silver: The need to regain our Guild as student was the most partinate issue where we have a stake as students.

The love for my students and as a common man who understands what my people are going through to raised tuition and end up missing papers just due to the faulty systems of the Universy

Djcampus : What message do yo have for Kyambogo students?

Epetait Silver: ln Silver you find a unique person with a big heart and a down to earth person with a listening ear ready to share with you and to work with everyone and above all a leader with charisma!

Voting for Silver will be the best decision u can ever make as he comes with all fresh blood and a clear conscious ready to serve the students of Kyambo.

Djcampus: What message do you have for the current incumbent Guild President ?

Epetait Silver: I want to commend him for the good work he has done so far but also register my disappointment that the communication made on surcharge was quite late when most of the students had already missed paper I think an early approach should have saved us a lot

Djcampus: How are you going to deal with poor performance generally at the University?

Epetait Silver: As we say making Kyambogo Great again this is what we mean we shall have some checks and balances to ensure that a lot of work we plan to do is thoroughly monitored and accomplished

Djcampus: Many students have been complaining about the issue of increasing retakes by some lectures, since you’re leader how will ensure that this problem is curbed and controlled?

Epetait Silver: As the head of the Guild administration I will work with the class cordinators to ensure that all lecturers do their and do it to the expectations of the University and ensure that a monitoring system is formulated to ensure that students benefit from the lectures and take advantage from some of the lecturers who are really doing there best to ensure better performance.

I will also urge all my fellow students to report cases of misconduct by some of the lecturers as a way of improving service delivery to the students who are the clients to the Iniversity.

Remarking where necessary is a student right which should be easily done if any of the students suspects fowl play by the lecturers this should be possible through Silver.

Djcampus: Many students have robbed and killed within and outside the University premises. As a leader, how will ensure that students safety is protected.?

Epetait Silver: Basically a lot of sensitization needs to be done and security around the campus must be beefed up to ensure that their visibility and performance is sound.

There is need yo increase camera coverage in most of the places around campus which has not yet been critically thought of!

I will work hand in hand with the hostel owners and the landlords with and outside campus to ensure that students safety is given priority with the highest attention it requires.

I urge all my fellow students to be vigilant and avoid late night movements and if unavoidable move in groups that can not be easily disorganized by the criminal elements.

I will make sure that all student get there identification as of now most of the students don’t have identity cards which puts them at a risk of being infiltrated by the wrong elements

Djcampus: Last semester , thousands of students missed examination sincerely because the were victims of late registration fee. How are you going to deal with the issue?

Epetait Silver: lam very sure the current Guild leadership had started discussions with the versity administration on this matter however I feel it was not properly done as if it was so then there was no reason any student should have missed an exam I will work closely with the University administration to ensure that a better better solution is sought for this issue and I trust the fact that we have had lessons from our past too.

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