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BIG STORY: Battle For Non Residents Race Takes Another Shape As Ngiya Humphrey Muwanguzi Becomes The Topic On Everyone’s Mouth Ahead Of Next Week Polls



The rumours are finally phasing out that non residents are sorted by casting their ballot for Humphrey next week. It is now on record that Ngiya Humphrey Muwanguzi is now the talk at campus . The law scholar hopeful is silently flaring like the wild Australian fires. He is on ground winning converts at a tremendous ratio. Speaking to some of the campus students and his coursemates who reside out of campus , majority said that they are likely to go with the composed complete charismatic and future politician to be their leader who will advocate for their rights when they are opposed by landlords when it comes to hostel and rental costs of accommodation, no water supply, welfare less electricity supply. We are banking on his exposure, experience and courage to have him as our own,’ one of the elders told our snoops.

‘The sharpness of Ngiya Humphrey is like that of an ancient Greek warrior’s sword. The depth of its cut is only determined by the vigour of the fighter,’ revealed another elder. ‘Now its time to vote a leader who will serve and that’s all enshrined in Ngiya Humphrey as a person,’ he added

Humphrey Ngiya is the big deal for non residents if trusted with the office ahead of next week polls says Deborah

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