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UCUGuildPolls: Akaturinda Cynthia Vows To Serve And Not To Rule As She Becomes The Most lnfluential Leader At The Mukono Hill Ahead Of 18th November Polls



Cynthia is one of the very many aspiring Mp non residents vying to hold positions after the forthcoming elections at Uganda’s first largest private university.

Cynthia says as a non-resident student she clearly knows the woes and troubles that her fellow non-resident students go through while in their hostels; from as far as security is concerned, to the basic welfare of electricity, sanitation and water supply in the various private hostels around the University.

For beginners, non-resident students are those students that do not reside within the University halls of residence but rather reside in private hostels.

This means these students get to meet their accommodation costs and other welfare costs that the University does not provide them. And of recent, the University sought it best to have these students get a mp non residents  which is the position that cynthia is vying for .

She says non-resident students have often times been exploited by these private hostels in as far as their well being  is concerned. “It’s high time we advocated for a Private Hostel Owners Forum that will set guidelines and rules on which these hostels must be run and the University must have a hand in the management,” cynthia told our reporter.
She added: “Non-resident students are being cheated so much in as far as their well being is concerned. For example, it has come to our attention that students in some hostels dont have good access to water since this semester began.”

She continued to explain that many hostels do not have generators which means if there happens to be load-shedding students won’t even be able to revise their books.

cynthia asked non resident students to make her their choice and voice ahead of next week polls .

Who is cynthia?
Cynthia Akaturinda is a student pursuing a Bachelors of law currently in her third year at Uganda Christian University

Cynthia who refers to herself as a “fighter” says she doesn’t believe in abuse of human rights.
She says she’s eager to serve and not to rule. She vows to be there for all non residents

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