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BIG STORY: Edrine Setimba Becomes The Most Loved & Followed Mp non Residents Aspirant At Mukono Hill Ahead Of 18th November Polls



Edrine Setimba gets comfortable and automatic lead in latest polls conducted by senior political analysts

If the voting was to be held on this exact date at this hour Edrine Setimba would be projected as the winner according to another credible survey conducted by experienced corps that went back to the ground and made assessment

In the findings conducted in the student’s residential areas of Mukono, seeta, it has been realized that the name Edrine is the one wagging on the tongues of non residents and UCU students who are optimistic towards having a slice of the Edrine Setimba’s manifesto just incase he does to unveil it on monday 7th November 2022.

We have in the past been betrayed by candidates who pretend to be fighting for students cause yet they pass weird politics that disfavour students, ” .It’s better to have a person who will negotiate for students with the landlords who charge us high taxes on rent” he adds our University deserves leaders like Edrine Setimba the gentleman who will fight for non resident’s cause says Deborah

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