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WCW Campasstv Edition: Meet Gorgeous Owembabazi Caroline From Kyambogo University



But of course; our WCW this week is Owembabazi Caroline, a second-year student at Kyambogo University pursuing Bachelor’s of Accounting and Finance. She is also vying for the guild position serving as GRC school of management and entrepreneurship.

You might wonder why am being so formal in my writing. Well, blame it on her. I had a glimpse of her photos and I was hypnotized. I partly lost my senses. Why? you ask? Well…..

She was fantastically gorgeous, so much so that her words sound like a fragile utopian glass that would shatter horrendously on Earth in about five minutes. Her smile is so beautiful. Like the loveliest sunset.

When I met her, I realized that she was even more captivating in the flesh than she was in photographs. And when I talked to her, I also realized that her beauty was sprung directly from her soul, and proved that physical features count little unless they are illumined from within.

Still, want more reasons? She has a perfect body. Clothes yearn to tightly hold her like a baby yearns for its mother’s breast. She is one of those people that might put on a rug today and tomorrow, it’s a new fashion trend. The style is her middle name.

She also has an ethereal sort of look to her, as though I’m looking at a piece of art. There is no carnal desire there — just a bewitching beauty. That is why she’s our Queen today

. Get some blessings before you head for eddy kenzo festival on 12th November at Kololo Airstrip by following her on Tiktok platform: @Cashee Lady

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