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UNTOLD STORY :Meet Kyambogo’s Political Figure Epetait Silver Vying For The Top Seat Ahead Of December Polls



Kyambogo University will elect a new guild President in December to take over from Tumwine Serge who in March 2022 became the University’s Guild President

The second year Bachelor of Accounting and Finance student decided to contest for the guild Presidency for only one reason ” to correct the locus of problems that face the University’s student at the moment

In Silver’s view, almost everything at the University needs to be corrected from academics, health and social affairs to public relations

During an interview, he stated that It’s time to bid farewell to slay politicians and usher in fresh minds with urge to serve the interests of the oppressed

Silver broke his political silence last week and pointed all his guns at his mighty school of management and entrepreneurship where he will start canvassing for votes from all corners of the University and outside the University’s boundaries in the coming days

Silver’s poster welcoming students back from the short holiday

The pressure in the Kyambogo politics is intensifying with many students considering to ally with silver who has become a main threat in the race

Silver showed interest in the guild seat last semester has vowed to reawaken the struggle by fighting for students rights .

Silver the future accountant will also revamp the students’ guild seat to be in a position of fronting agenda of equal access to education services once mandated in power

Silver also plans to work on long-lasting students’ problems like;  delayed marks resulting from limited workforce (Lecturers), abolition of late registration fees since registration was digitalized, among others.

Silver plans to call for the revision of the retake policy to provide finalists with supplementary exams instead of waiting for a full year. Additionally, he will also push for the formation of an independent students account committee responsible for accounting for the guild which will be responsible

Silver’s declaration remains a decision lingering and dominating debates of Kyambogo University students with most counting him as a liberator of their locality

Even before declaring his intent for the top guild position, he has been receiving overwhelming messages and praises from different people allover the world.

His declaration is nolonger a secret since it has been whispered by different people that he is coming for the top guild position which defines him a generational leader.

Who is Silver Epetait?

Silver was a former head prefect mbale secondary school in the eastern part of Uganda.
He also severed as a Guild President Mbale District prefectorial

Silver Epetait served as administrator of Rotarian club and also a student at Kyambogo University pursuing Bachelor’s of Accounting and Finance

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