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KyuGuildPolls:Kyambogo’s Economist Abunidal Wegulo Declares His Intent To Run For GRC Faculty Of Arts And Humanities Ahead Of December Polls



The visionary leader, Abunidal Wegulo Muballe has finally unleashed his intent to run for GRC faculty of Arts and Humanities ahead of December polls.

Wegulo’s declaration has already shook odds of the poll leaving many camps crumbling as they strain to investigate what forces could be driving the economist scholar. It is also stressed that since his declaration went public, the composed youthful revolutionary leader has been bombarded with a barriage of phone calls from his opponents urging him not to contest. Some agents have been dispatched by opponents to compel Wegulo to at least give him some space for just this term and maybe he bounces back in next term.

Speaking to our reporter this evening, Wegulo said he would not relent from liberating this mighty faculty. ”Our generation has for long been left out. My candidature is not just student centred but rather service driven. I come as the best solution to Humanitarian’s problems,” Wegulo boldly remarked. “I am not just here for faculty of Arts and Humanities, I am here for all struggling students,” he added.

Who is Abunidal Wegulo Muballe ?

Wegulo is 23 years old student pursuing Bachelor’s degree in Arts with Education. He joined Kyambogo University in 2021/2022 academic year where he was appointed as class representative in his class he leads and he has been serving at his best.
He went to Bukoyo SS for his secondary level where he lead as a prefect .He later proceeded for his ‘A’ level at Kawempe Muslim SS where he lead as supretendant perfect, President Patriotism Club and also ex official students council.
In our next bulletin, we will profile this very resilient gentleman who is flaring everywhere campus

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