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U2C INITIATIVE: Call For Innovation To Makerere University Students



University to community (U2C) initiative has lanched thé innovation social entreprising with thé aim to promote social transformation in local communities around Makerere University

According to thé organisérs, the project compétition fosters and nurture catalytic youth led solutions in reponse to thé long standing problems in thé surrounding local communities of Makerere University. Thé compétition forms part of activités under thé U2C intiative to bring about social transformation in thèse areas

What is U2C looking for?

U2C is looking for thé most talented young innovators from Makerere University across all colleges to showcase their ideas and propose solutions for addressing thé many challenges faced by thé people in thèse surrounding communities. Thé U2C wants to support youth innovation for thé advancement of inclusive and équitable remedies in thé area of drainage, solid waste management and lighting

Individuals or team of student innovators of Makerere University can take part in thé challenge by writing a business proposal and thé most suitable work plan for problem solving in thé three areas of drainage, solid waste management and lighting .Thé best ideas or solutions ( work plan ), as decided by thé panel of judges and peers, will receive mixture of financial support, complete with expert advice, networking , tools and other opportunties to enable them to implement their solutions

Thé winners will be awarded with 1,000,000UGX for thé best ideas

Deadline to submit your applications and proposals to is on 7th November 2022

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