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Thousands of Students Storm Nkumba University Cultural Galla



The Cultural galla has over the years become an annual highlight uniting students across all cultural devides. For this year, away from the fun, it was a unifying occasion atttracting students from other Universities plus neighboring community members.

The annual event that has been on a halt for close to three years following the COVID-19 lockdown was brought to life on Saturday and has been rated by many as the best ever.
Nkumba University Cultural minister, Hon. Presitge Rutebemberwa said that the postponement only served to give then sufficient time to deliver a cultural galla like no other.

Under the theme, ‘Preserving the African Culture’, the event brought together a diversity of cultures constituting the community of Nkumba University.

Ethnic tribes including the Baganda, Basoga, Itesots, Banyakitara, Bagishu, Batooro among others where joined by internationals from South Sudan, Rwanda and Congo to a blend of traditional dances, African cuisines, and African fashion-tailored attires.

Speaking to a mammoth of students at the event, Nkumba Vice Chancellor, Prof. Jude Lubega appreciated the guild government for organizing the event he described as “wonderful”.

This being his first cultural gala as Vice Chancellor, Prof. Lubega said he “looks forward to an even bigger and better event come next year.”
The event was sponsored by Finance trust bank and Nkumba University.

The Chief Guest, Katabi town council Mayor, Kalema Ronald Basamulekere said that the cultural gala should in the future become a week-long event with dedicated days for exhibiting particular aspects of culture. He promised to help actualise the potential change with optimism that it will promote better cross-cultural understanding.

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