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Ankunda Robert Declared Winner ln The Chairmanship Seat ln The Recent Concluded NRM Chapter Elections



Ankunda has been declared winner of the NRM Mak Chairmanship seat.

Youth Councilor has been declared the winner of the NRM Makerere Chairmanship seat.

Ankunda Robert garnered one hundred and thirty votes.
The total number of votes casted was 270 votes though more than 362 delegates had registered to vote.

Ankunda Robert announced the winner of the race that attracted only two candidates by the NRM Electoral Commission Secretary General Winfred Acan on social media platform through WhatsApp group forum.

” Hello members finally this is the final declaration results for winners who managed to go through as NRM Chapter Executive Leaders ” said Winfred

Winfred declared Ankunda Robert as the duly elected and legitimate NRM Makerere Chapter Chairman 2022-2023

The two candidates who both hail from Western region have fought a bitter campaign ever seen ever at Makerere University

Ankunda Robert described the polls as free and fair though he says that there were some delays at the beginning of the voting exercise to ensure that no one could vote when he/she is not eligible to vote.

NRM Makerere Chapter Chairman elect Hon. Ankunda Robert has told our press today that party members of NRM Makerere Chapter should remain United in the recent concluded elections

Ankunda Robert told members of his party he subscribes to warm up for the victory party to be announced soon by his head of communication, he also invited his previous rival to honor invitation once called upon to attend to his victory party ceremony. Date and venue will be announced by his team

Ankunda Robert told our press that his regime will be different from the previous regimes that have failed to scoop a guild seat at Makerere University

Ankunda Robert addressed our press that its time to renew the Chapter that follows the principles and cores of the party

Ankunda Robert applauded the party Patron for the tremendous efforts he has done to ensure NRM Chapter activities are done effectively.

Ankunda Robert cited out the benefits that come with joining the Chapter is like attending cadre leadership trainings at the National Leadership Institute- kyankwanzi to emphasize the NRM ideology.

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