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Congratulations: Elisa Rutaro Wins Tough Fight, Newly Elected Chairman NRM Makerere Chapter



Elisa Rutaro has been elected the Chairperson of the NRM’S Makerere Chapter, the
The NRM Electoral Commission chairman announced the results today on social media through WhatsApp group forum “I declare Elisa Rutaro has won, despite some results pending,” said .

The two candidates who both hail from Western region have fought a bitter campaign.

Ankunda Robert accused Elisa Rutaro of being disloyal to NRM and added that on motions that cast the NRM in a bad light.

Makerere University National Resistance Movement Chapter Chairman elect Hon. Elisa Rutaro, has called on students and party members to remain united in the post elections period.

Elisa Rutaro, who confertably won a hotly contested race of two with over 100 votes yesterday, asked members to warmup and actively participate in the different party programs and activities that are lineup like indcuting of new members starting next month.

Elisa Rutaro told our reporter that his regime will open a bank account to ensure safety of party funds and also attracting funds from the secretariat party well-wishers

He added, my team will attract new members into the party, most especially the youth.

“we need new members to subscribe in the chapter and in NRM party in general” , said Rutaro

Elisa pointed at some of the benefits that come with joining the Chapter like attending cadre leadership trainings at the National Leadership Institute- Kyankwanzi to emphasize the NRM ideology.

He applauded the party top leadership and management for giving them resources like condusive environment to enable free participation in their party elections

Elissa Rutaro served as General Secretary NRM Makerere Chapter in the previous regime led by Emmanuel former NRM Mak Chapter .

As campasstv website, we congratulate Elisa Rutaro upon his new victory ahead of his task to serve his people.

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