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HAPPENING TOMORROW: NRM Delegates Pledges To Vote For Ankunda Robert As Their Party Chapter Chairman Ahead Of Tomorrow’s Elections



As NRM Makerere Chapter goes for polls tomorrow where new Chapter leaders will be elected to fill in those empty seats. Our team managed to spot the main competitive seat which is causing alot of problem and chaos at the lvory tower at the moment which is chairmanship seat.

While observers and analysts had lost trust in the intellect of one of the Lads running for the Chairperson seat, NRM female delegates and Male delegates have come out to delegate a representative ideologically male smart leader to take the mantle on.

Ankunda Robert a vibrant aspirant, revealed interests in running for the NRM primaries ahead of Tomorrow’s voting.

Ankunda Robert stands to be one of the most influential Male politicians in Makerere University is having statistically, if intellect and capability is to be considered in the process of crafting the NRM Chairman, Ankunda Robert is likely to emerge the victor.

Information hitting our scoop indicates that the senior politician has agreed to take part in tomorrow’s elections. His entry will sum up the number of aspirants .However Elisa team seems undecided whether to part in the primaries or no citing a spate of controversies engulfing the party Chapter

Last week’s general assembly, Ankunda Robert was spotted meeting a number of chapter delegates to whom he launched his agenda which has threatened his rivals to tightened their belts

Our sources say that Ankunda Robert is likely to win the Championship seat tomorrow since majority of the delegates where whispering his name in all corners of the University

Ankunda Robert seems to be the face of NRM Makerere Chapter whom party members have been waiting all long

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