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NRMMaKPolls : NRM Makerere Chapter Elders Endorses Elisa Rutaro For Chairmanship NRM Makerere Chapter Ahead Of Friday Polls



The council of elders, a special purpose committee of the NRM (NEC), has endorsed current General Secretary NRM Makerere Chapter Mr. Elisa Rutaro as their Chairperson NRM Makerere Chapter candidate ahead of 21st Friday Election Polls

The announcement comes at time when disagreements have rocked the ruling party in in government. Some of the Elders Committe members have severally clashed with Atukunda Robert also vying for the same post saying that he is not competent enough to take over the Chairmanship post NRM Makerere Chapter

While addressing campasstv today morning, the outgoing chairman of the NEC NRM Makerere Chapter, said that NEC has already started to foster an arrangement with NRM Makerere Chapter. He noted that the discussion involves agreement on the symbols to use when fielding candidates.
“We have built consensusq among ourselves inside the NEC to actualise our engagements under NRM family in a formal structured understanding that we will leave no player out, “he said.

Outgoing NEC NRM Makerere Chapter said in the current situation Elisa Rutaro provides the best opportunity to change this University politics . “We have negotiated long ago. We have consulted the students of Makerere especially those who subscribe to NRM party and acknowledged us that let Elisa Rutaro

However we also reached out to the NRM Guild Presidential candidate Hussein lbra who endorsed Elisa Rutaro for Chairmanship NRM Makerere Chapter. Hussein Ibra told our journalist that Elisa Rutaro is a capable leader and he has vision to make sure NRM maintains its glory at Makerere. Ever since we worked with him in the recent elections that were put on hold. He was so hardworking, charismatic and intelligent. I think NRM Makerere Chapter needs people like Elisa Rutaro to take the party forward…l call upon all NRM delegates to support and rally behind Elisa Rutaro as potential leader

We shall bring you live coverages this Friday ahead of NRM Chapter Elections taking place at Guest House.

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