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Exclusive Interview: With The Indomitable Leader Aspiring For Guild Presidency Uganda Christian University (UCU) Ahead Of November Polls



As Uganda Christian University (UCU) students are set to elect their guild leaders in November. There are many guild aspirants vying for the office of the Guild President. Djcampus campasstv journalist  interviewed Tahinduka Aaron one of the guild contenders in the race ahead of the November elections  

Djcampus: Who is Tahinduka Aaron?

Tahinduka Aaron: Tahinduka Aaron is a third year law student at Uganda Christian University. I have an intention to be very God fearing, a good listener and always open to learning. I have a strong belief in creating to the best of my ability a positive impact on all people with whom I am blessed with the privilege to be in contact.

Djcampus: Why are you aspiring for the top student’s office?

Tahinduka Aaron: As part of my explanation of who Tahinduka is, I expressed my desire to create a positive impact whenever I can. I view the position of presidency as a glorious opportunity to achieve this as that is the closest shot at getting into contact with as many people as I can possibly ever considering that as Guild President I would be blessed with the honour to have influence on the university population.

Djcampus : What do you plan to do for the students

Tahinduka Aaron: The theme service-centred leadership is just as far as we can go in attempting to arrive at a verbal expression of how we intend to operate. It is my intention to be the bridge between the student population and the university administration. I believe that there are two foundational principles we can shape our operation on. These l draw from my father. First is the creation of a commitment to what one choeses to undertake. The other, creation of time and investment of one’s brain in what one wishes to achieve. Investment of the brain has the object of critically understanding the problems students are facing and thinking of the best solutions to them after which time is created to rectify them. With the manifesto, we intend to elaborate the practical possibility of this objective.

Djcampus: What skills and competences do you have to hold the office you are aspiring for?

Tahinduka Aaron: l have got the opportunity before to express my love for unity. One of my inherent goals has always been to bring people together. For people to effectively work together they ought to have a uniting factor. One of the most effective of these is to put in place a common objective. This propels people to work for one another. I am trying to create a team based on this idea. If I can successfully convince everyone at Uganda Christian University that we all have a similar objective of making the university the best it can be, then that would be a tremendous step in the right direction. With that we would create a university team of friends who would definitely arrive at their ambitions as a result of our ability to outnumber our problems. So as an aspirant I’m convinced that all I need not just to win but to serve effectively is to get my team together.

Tahinduka Aaron: l think that between now and the time I am honoured to serve, there are going to be quite some opportunities to test my competence.

Djcampus: What is your leadership philosophy?

Tahinduka Aaron: l would like to weigh the ability to know the problems faced in society against that to think of and implement practical solutions to the problems. I attach greater importance to the latter. This is not to say that it is not important to have the ability to recognise problems. But the recognition is one of the steps to remedy, the final step of which is the solution. So I can say that we are a solution-oriented team.

Djcampus: What approach do you take when making leadership decisions?  

Tahinduka Aaron: l can only get the position for which I aspire through democratic means. This is to say I can only be president if the majority of the voting population want me to be president. That is about as far as the power of numbers can go. The kind of leadership for which we aspire is conducted by a team. That team is made of members who are representatives of the larger group of the entire public. All the leadership decisions are taken through involvement of the entire team. It is at this point that we employ democratic means again to arrive at a consensus. So it is consensus at all times.

Djcampus: Describe an effective way to measure the success of a leader?

Tahinduka Aaron: The success of a project can best be measured by way of ascertaining how far the project has gone in fulfilling the objectives for which it was started. A project is successful if it generally achieves the objectives it set out to achieve as it started to operate. Like such projects, leaders set out to achieve certain objectives. These objectives are the promises aspirants make to the electorate before they are voted. It is because of this that I think the success of a leader should be measured by consideration of how far such a leader has gone in fulfilling their pledges.

Djcampus: How do you keep your team motivated? 

Tahinduka Aaron: The most motivating factor in all endeavours is success. I like to prove to my team how successful we have been in what we have had to do so far. When we can see what we have achieved, we are only propelled to achieve more by doing the things that we have already been doing since they have yielded good results and also understanding that doing them better only yields even better results.

Djcampus: How do you deal with poor performance?

Tahinduka Aaron: Poor performance is only a logical consequence of one or two things that have not been done right. This means therefore that doing these right would change the kind of performance. Poor performance can best be dealt with through ascertaining what was not done right, thinking of how best to put it right and then going again. If I have to solve poor performance, I have to understand not to give up.

Djcampus: What inspired you to join guild race?

Tahinduka Aaron: My desire to positively impact others did.

Djcampus: What message do you have for the out going guild in service?

Tahinduka Aaron: Leadership is about one life influencing another. You have done the good part of this. That you satisfied this principle is why people like myself understood it and now try to influence others. I cannot quite express how much I value the guidance you have given me. I appreciate you.

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