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Environmentalists demand for Release of University students arrested over EACOP protest



Agroup of students were arrested for holding a peaceful demonstration in support of the recent Europeans Union resolution calling for the delay of the East African Crude Oil Pipeline (EACOP).

This called on section of environment activists in Uganda asking the state to unconditionally release them.
It’s remembered that Nine students from various universities across the country were on Wednesday remanded to Luzira prison on allegations that they participated in an illegal demonstration.

These students detained are: Imran Ntabazi, a student at Gulu University, David Musiri and Vincent Lubega Nsamba, from Makerere University, and six Kyambogo University students identified as Gerald Wenani, Gonga Akisi, Marktom Kajubi, Benjamin Akiso, Alphonse Nkuruziza and Alex Waswa Lyazi.

Students being arrested during the protests on Wednesday

Mr Allan Kalangi, a manager at NAPE said that the continued harassment of Ugandans for supporting the EU resolution on EACOP only serves to confirm the worries of the EU and the Ugandan public on the human rights situation in the country.

“The legal fraternity and other human rights defenders should intervene and ensure that the students are released to go back to school. Parents did not pay school fees for their children to serve in prisons,” said NAPE executive director, Mr Frank Muramuzi.

Mr Muramuzi said they are concerned about the brutal manner in which the students were arrested by the security operatives and that the offence of common nuisance they were charged with before being remanded to prison while addressing the Media in kampala.

NAPE executive director Mr Frank Muramuzi (left) and the programme manager, Yusuf Rajab Bwengye (right) pictured as they addressed journalists

Under their National Association Of Professional Environmentalists (NAPE) have asked the Uganda government and the oil companies to address the issues raised by the EU instead of continuing to intimidate and arrest people for talking about EACOP and other oil development projects in Uganda.

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