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KabGuildPolls: Meet Mercy Nimurungi The Most Vibrant Female GRC Aspirant At School Of Medicine



Mercy is undergraduate who is now the talk at school of medicine and following her recent declaration to vie for the GRC seat.
Having joined Kabale University in 2021 where she matriculated in medicine , mercy did not retrain herself within the corridors of leadership skills. She extended her goals to serve in the students leadership which placed her in the Kabale spotlight. She notably hit the scene when she was in news for a quiet well .A courageous mercy never ceased her zeal to serve, she soldiered on to the different leadership activities she hit records as one of the leaders at Kabale University

Today, her declaration remains a decision lingering and dominating debates at School of medicine with most counting him a liberator of their locality. I trust mercy as a leader. She will be efficient once placed there, confessed Daphne Ninsiima, a second year student stated it out.
With the election clock ticking at a tremendous pace , the time for school of medicine to have a reliable leader is yet to elapse.

Our sources say mercy nimurungi likely t繫 emerge as the winner since all students are rallying behind her ahead of October polls
It seems mercy nimurungi is the face of school of medicine whom students have been waiting.
Last week mercy was spotted meeting number of students at school of medicine t繫 whom she convinved t繫 launch her agenda soon which has threatened her rivals to wake up from their comfort seat

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