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KyuGuildPoll: Mulungi Duen Finally Declares His Intent To Run For GRC Faculty Of Science Ahead Of December Polls



Current Publicity Secretary Association of Chemical Engineering Students(ACES) has finally opened up, stating that he will be running for GRC Faculty of Science in the 2022 Kyambogo Guild elections that will kickoff in December.

“You’ll be making a choice for ,your brothers and sisters and the generations to come after us. A new age is upon us, and upon this, our focus must rest. Yesterday is gone, and today’s challenges must have newer, better answers. Faculty of Science can work together, let us make it work,” Duen said.

Mulungi Duen is the current Publicity Secretary for Faculty of Science who has done tremendous job to make sure student’s rights are protected and advocated for.


Its with such great tremendous honour that I greet the kyambogo university fraternity and congragulate those of us that have successfully completed exams while wishing the rest all the best in their ongoing exams.

Its nothing but a test of diligence when an accessment draws nigh. Theres no doubt about our capabilities thats why am confident of exellence
for each and every single student despite the unwavered challenges we have faced during the examination period, with dismissal from examination rooms and other adversaries that have come our way.

This is an official declaration of my candidature for the post of GRC Faculty of Science for the academic year 2022/2023. My candidature signifies hope for new beginnings, diligence and student centered leadership. I humbly request for your esteemed support and trust towards this call.

Yet we still face many challenges. It is abundantly clear that what Science students want now, what you want, is not simply a change in leadership but a change of systems, a change in order: The kind of change that will be accountable said Duen.

Screenshot of Mulungi Duen’s screenshots on WhatsApp about his declaration to aspire for GRC.

WhatsApp screenshot

Mulungi Duen went to Uganda Martyrs Secondary School with a significant trace in leadership and later he joined Kyambogo University and where he got the love to participate in active politics

WhatsApp screenshot

Duen has participated in ideology conceptual debates with emphasis on the extensive effect of capitalism, communism, neoliberalism and socialism in the society with a tremendous build up of service

Mulungi vows to bridge the gap between the University management at his faculty with students with matters concerning student’s general wellbeing and success

He also assured students that if elected in office, accountability is inevitable with reference to funds and opinions and all issues concerning students

Duen lastly called upon students from faculty of Science to rally behind him and support his bid for GRC.

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