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Fashion: Hot and spicy skirts to make you look Good



mini skirts are trending wears to spice up your appearance. They are for the sassy lady who bold to show off without looking desperate. Gone are the days when mini skirts was considered too suggestive revealing and promiscuous classy in mini skirts wear if it is well codinated, she has the personality to go.

When wearing the mini skirts, you would match it with tops. A blazer and skirt would make you appear like million bucks. You can also try aflared top, cold shoulders, tee-shirt or classic white shirt, they would blend well with mini skirts. If you are wearing open ties heels or sandals, you should at least have your pedicure done. Nothing gives a bad impression as unkempt nail’s and feet. Lastly, to give the illusion of longer legs, you should wear heels preferably wedges.

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