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#NUPWinsMUST : NUP Candidate Wins Mbarara University Student’s Guild Elections



Nasasira Bill, was declared yesterday at 8pm as the winner of the guild presidential election for Mbarara University of Science and Technology.

He becomes the 34th Guild President and he will replace jastus Mugenyi who was the first NUP candidate to be elected Guild President at MUST.

He secured a landslide victory in the guild polls held on Friday. Nasasira Bill Clinton who, contested on the National Unity Platform-NUP party ticket, garnered 970 votes .  

His closest rival, Moureen , the JEEMA candidate obtained 785 votes. The others who contested included Nuwabine Martin (NRM) candidate who collected 495 Votes and Erima Augustine of the independent managed only 292 votes. The  University managed to have physical voting.   

The University electoral commission declared Nasasira Bill Clinton as the winner of this year’s guild election that was held at the University premises.

The chairperson of Mbarara University Electoral Commission noted that there was fairness of the voting exercise has not been disputed by students.

The Chairperson University Electoral Commission added that the election was free and fair. He says the declaration form was never fully signed because the other candidates were not present at the time of declaring the final results.

Moureen, agreed to the outcome saying the students decided and not signing the declaration form doesn’t mean she will contest the results. Nasasira Bill Clinton now awaits to be sworn in with other candidates from other candidates from other faculties

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