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MUSTGuildPolls : MUST GRC Contestant Bashemera Prossie Scovia Takes A Lead Ahead Of October Polls



Social Media has been stirred up by a one prossie’s campaign poster today, a student at Mbarara University School of Science and Technology(MUST) contesting in the GRC elections.

Musterian lauded prossie’s beauty with many assuring her of victory in her ongoing GRC race.

Prossie who is contesting to be a GRC at MUST at faculty of Business has had her candidature endorsed by musterian and business students

Prossie’s campaign poster causing storm on Social media
Some reactions went ahead and advised her to run for guild president or for the vice chancellor seat if possible
“Can’t she contest for a better position like guild president, vice chancellor or academic registrar.” One commented

This girl is causing problem in the MUST electoral elections

While many praised her beauty, some castigated prossie saying that its not beauty but rather ‘brains’ that are needed in politics.

Prossie is contesting to be the next GRC at faculty of business in the ongoing guild and GRC race.

MUST students will elect their GRC(s) next month as per the electoral guild

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