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Untold Story: 1000 Kyambogo Students Miss Exams Over Tuition Fees



At least 1000 students of Kyambogo University have been barred from sitting end of semester examinations over failure to pay tuition fees in time.

Kyambogo students started end of semester examinations on 06 September and will finish in the last at the end of the month.

Kyambogo University Spokesperson said some of the students had not paid a single coin.

 “Some of these students were given money for fees by their parents but have misappropriated it. We can only ask them skip the examinations,” said Spokesperson Kyambogo.

In a statement issued to Kyambogo students on September 11 2022, the institution’s Academic Registrar said, “They (students) will have to pay and register for the missed exams after getting to the end of the final years of any study programme they offer,” stated academic registrar .

 Sources at the university have told campasstv website that those students who did not attend lecturers could face tough disciplinary actions including being discontinued from the university.

Kyambogo only allows students to register and sit for exams when they have cleared all their functional and tuition fees to the university. However, the automatic online system closed on before students registering, barring scores of students from registering for the semester

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  1. Patrick

    September 19, 2022 at 8:15 am

    But there are also cases of missing marks from Coursework of previous semesters. University must look into cases of Lecturers misplacing students marks. A student who was to graduate this November cannot because marks from a 2018 semester is misplaced by a Lecturer

    • Odochi

      September 20, 2022 at 1:38 pm

      Your right Patrick, the problem of missing Marks must be solved too

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