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Big Story! Kyambogo University Guild President Gives The University Administration Ultimatum Of 24 Hours To Act Upon Their Demands



This week, over 500 students Kyambogo students missed examinations due to tutition failure and the late registration fee charges that forced administration to evict students out of the examination rooms

This didnt leave students and the students guild the same, As you are aware today we held brief interview with the guild President Kyambogo University HE Tumwine Serge through phone call who dissatisfied against charging late registration fee and evicting students out of examination rooms

Through the letter he presented to campasstv website, he addressed the demands that the administration should abid with inorder to make Kyambogo University learning environment for all students regardless of their status below

According to a random interview we held with were Kyambogo student, he said that in 2018 during his year one, students could register for the course units when remaining one day to sit the exams but again its the opposite. Even if you had paid tuition and you haven’t registered still you are demanded to pay the late registration fee which was signed by the former 17h Guild Government..

Through the letter he wrote to the Vice Chancellor Kyambogo University , he wrote notable facts and demands that need to be addressed immediately without fail below

The student’s guild has lost patience over time in the manner in which many requests to management have been discarded without any consideration right from time of requesting for extension of surcharge, requesting for students sitting for examination with genuine reasons for not completing payment and now charging those who completed payment but could not be able to register for courses.

The Guild President Kyambogo University HE Tumwine Serge went on further wrote three demands below

  1. Failure to communicate to students about the penalty of late registration as we had all known that we only attract penalty upon not completing
    payment, but not registration
  2. The portal system having issues of failing to reflect payments in time
    which hindered their registration within the six weeks.
  3. Failure of the portal system to show the course units for selection by a student during the period of registration.

Management should stop charging additional shs 50,000 on students
who completed payment witnin une supulated 6 and 8 weeks.

  1. Students who had already paid the additional shs 50,000 as a said late
    registration fee should be refunded as balance brought dowm for next

Sudents who have missed papers as a result of eviction from exam rooms should be offered special examinations

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