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Thousands of revellers turned for Winnie Nwagi’s Maiden Concert



Thousands of party gowers turned up for fire bay’s Maiden Concert that was on 09/09/2022.
The the Maiden Concert started at around 6:00pm with different age groups of people at the entrance paying for their entrance fee.

Winnie under her management label Swangz Avenue and with the help of top sponsors club(Nile Breweries) and KT Events management Nwagi pulled off a show just like Azawi who also had aconcert recently.

The performance started by mc Kawuki and salvo hyping the show followed by Rick man taking the stage first followed by Nina Roz, spice Diana( who took time off her performance to remind us of her own concert in January). Then came sheebah , fefe Busi and of course swangz Avenue artistes vinka and Azawi.

Winnie Nwagi’s appearance at her concert

Winnie’s first stage appearance was animated with a fireworks display at around 10 pm followed by dead silence and anticipation from the audience.
Unlike other stage that we have so far seen in previous concerts,her stage went dark for a couple of minutes and shortly after, on the two large LED screens nwagi told her story of people who criticized and threw shade at her name mentioning former urban TV presenter Tina Fierce.

Winnie Nwagi during her performance at her maiden concert

Later on anumber of songs from musawo till her Currently one was performed.Nwagi gave funs a show to remember they will never forget adding that the two hours of her performance which was worth the money they paid. Funs also promised to continue supporting her music saying that she is a good singer who only gets indisciplined when provoked.

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