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Government banns admitting of nurses and midwifery of Under 18



The government of Uganda has banned nursing and midwives institutions across the country from admitting students below the age of 18.

This came after the directive announced by the State Minister for Higher Education, Mr John Chrysostom Muyingo, during the release of the 2022 nurses and midwives examinations results at the Office of the President on 9/09/2022.

Mr muyingo Said all institutions should adhere to the set minimum standards and observe the set age limit. They should admit only adults above the age of 18 because only adults should work in health centres, not children.

The executive secretary of the Uganda Nurses and Midwives Examinations Board (UNMEB), Ms Helen Mukakarisa, said the policy has been in place but the ministry is just moving to implement it in institutions.
Mr Muyingo warned the institutions that those who will defy the directive will be apprehended.

Thisr came after mother’s in various have been complaining and were not comfortable with children taking care of them.

in previous years, learners who complete Senior Four and do not proceed to A-Level have been joining nursing and midwifery programmes at a diploma level. However this time round, those learners who will complete Senior Four before turning 18 will have to wait until they reach the required age to apply for courses.

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