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Uganda: Prime Minister officially gives green light to Nyege Nyege festival



The concellation of Nyege nyege event yesterday followed the speaker’s directive after acomplaint was raised by Tororo Woman Member of parliament Sarah Opendi as a matter of national importance where she said that the upcoming ‘Nyege Nyege’ festival in Jinja promotes immorality, saying it is an event that cannot be allowed to continue.

Among ruled that the function cannot take place because it goes against the morals of the country. The Nyege Nyege festival was first held in 2013. In 2018, the former Minister of Ethics and Integrity, Father. Simon Lokodo suggested its cancellation, saying that the event may compromise national integrity and put Ugandan citizens at risk of deviant sexual behavior.

However today 7th/09/2022 while addressing the journalists at the office of the prime minister, Nabanja said a number of resolutions have been reached. One of them is to harmonize with the arm of Parliament to see that this event takes place with guidelines that will restrict those that are coming to celebrate to behave in a manner that is acceptable by Ugandan culture.

This came after a closed door meeting with officials from ministries of Tourism Wild Life and Antiquities, Gender Labour and Social Development, Information Communication and National Guidance, Internal Affairs, Foreign Affairs.

The event that Will take place next week attracts thousands and thousands of tourism across the globe and therefore, cancellation would be challenging because alot of tourists Floor into the country.

The festival also serves as an incubator with an arts residency and community studios, where new productions are showcased and the artists are highlighted for both audiences and musicians.

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