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Eagle Eye: Nup students vowing to run for guild presidency under Nup flag revealed



Campus eagle eye is anew Plateform on CampassTv where we spott students having intentions to do something in different Universities,this time round our forcus was at kyambogo University where we Identified four students with intentions to run for guild presidency under Nup flag.

According to our reporter Sabula Fred,the four students in the names of Wafula Koholo Edrine who also dubbles as GRC faculty of Engineering, Nkwanga Micheal,Bwete Azizi a.k.a Kyu must biwete and Niwahereza Bless were spotted in various activities.

CampassTv Eagle eye

These were witnessed in several occasions trying to build ground for themselves for example in 1k Campaign Where concerned students were collecting money and other materials so as to give hand to the people of Karamoja who are starving of femine.

Another incident was the Makerere University guild Campaigns were the intendants were mobilizing Nup activits at kyambogo to go rally behind the Dangote who is the Nup flag bearer.

In recently concluded elections of Makerere University Business school, they were also seen mobilizing students to go rally behind Kamoga Bruno who currently is the New guild president elect of Mubs though others dubbed it as acolletive effort of Nup to support fellows in other institutions.

When it comes to ground currently only three candidates, Wafula, Bewete and Nkwanga so far are conquering.However students of kyambogo University who believes in the party are yet to realise this though the activits and the elders of the party have realized.

When we approached one of the member of the recently established Nup kyambogo Chapter who Never allowed us us to mention her name,she said “as the party we are not yet informed about any candidate intending to come for guild presidency under Nup flag,our efforts are still on building a strong structure of the Nup in the University that why we are having several meetings and activities which are pending such as the Nup/people Power Wednesday and More.”

” The Nup/people Power Wednesday is name that we came out with Where different activities are to be carried out so as to bring our supporters in various Halls of residency, schools and faculties together and to let them know that amidst all situations we still stand with ,”she added
The fourth coming elections are expected to occur in November this year 2022.Other parties with similar students showing interests includes UYD whose candidate has began rocking the ground, FDC with two candidates so far all on ground attending each and every ceremony at the University,NRM with candidate too among others.

As CampassTv,we promise to give aclear profile of all the candidates expresssing their interest for the Nup flag.

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  1. Vuso Pious

    August 24, 2022 at 5:56 pm

    That’s a very hotest seat then. At the end the NUP delegates Kyambogo University will decide who to take the flag. As it stands opinion polls shows Nkwanga Michael ahead of them with 58% followed by Wafula Edrine Koholo with 25%, Aziz Bewete with 15% and Bless Niwehereza with 2% but ballot is yet to reveal the truth.

    • Odochi

      August 26, 2022 at 7:47 am

      Thanks for the reply, however much the opinions indicates but the delegates Will decide

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