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Uganda: Government to import power from Kenya



The importation of 60megawatts proposal Kenya came after Cabinet on Monday received a report of last week’s flooding of the 183MW Isimba Dam that was temporarily shut down leading to a power shortfall.

Isamba dam

She said the flooding at the dam, which was commissioned only three years ago, was due to human error but did not provide more details.

Minister of energy Ruth Nankabirwa

Ms Nankabirwa also warned that some parts of the country, especially along the Isimba Dam evacuation distribution lines, will continue to experience intermittent power supply.

The plant is under insurance cover and the government is not going to incur costs there. “We have not asked for money from the government because from the quick calculations UEGCL came up with, we are not going to ask for money.” she added.

The energy minister Ruth Nankabirwa revealed that arrangements have been finalised to import 60MW from neighbouring Kenya to address the shortage occasioned by the current emergency.

Currently,Uganda’s electricity generation capacity stands at 1,254MW, of which 1,004.3MW is from hydro dams including Isimba Dam (183MW), Bujjagali Dam (250MW), Nalubaale and Kiira dams (380MW), and other mini hydro dams on various rivers (119.45MW). Average demand peaks at 800MW.

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