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Catherine Kusasira enrolls at Nkumba University for further studies



Presidential adviser Catherine Kusasira, has enrolled at Nkumba University for Further studies so as to attain the goals that she has been aiming at, it’s remembered that Catherine previously enrolled at IUIU at displaying out her intentions of joining active politics for the East African Legislative Assembly ( EALA) by 2022 .

However she turned down her intentions after being afraid of lossing her job as a presidential advisor .
She posted in her social media platform saying was her first day at Nkumba University .

Catherine enrolls at Nkumba University

“Some of us never got a chance to good education at the young ages but I pray these three years go on smoothly for me.I’m pursuing a degree in BAIRD,I thank God for this opportunity and pray for blessings through this journey that I have started.” She added

Kusasira vows to study very hard so as attain afirst class degree which we are yet to know how she will able to make it because one can not serve 4 masters at ago.

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