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Nup candidate crosses to NRM in by election in kisoro-Bukimbiri by election



Joshua Mutabaaz Nup has given Nrm abig opportunity to finalise with it’s Campaign in Bukimbiri by election.its remembered that he was nominated as the NUP’s flag bearer for the Bukimbiri by-election last week, surprisingly Joshua dropped out a few days later to join the FDC’s James Owebeyi.

After being approached the NRM team led by Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja, Mutabaazi immediately took the podium at Nkuringo town council and began campaigning for the NRM’s Eddie Kwizera.

His supporters after hearing this,most of them were and they promised not to participate in the by elections well as others blamed Nrm for using a lot of money to bribe their candidate whom they had trust in.

Mutabaazi while addressing Media,he said that he was disappointed with the NUP leadership in Kampala, who did not bother to motivate him, and that he discovered that the party has no future.

As a result, he urged the people to vote for NRM’s Kwizera, as he explained that kwiizera is man who is hardworking and ready to push forward the government’s development programmes rather than decampaigning them.


Joshua was welcomed by the NRM party’s Secretary General, Richard Tawdwong, who cautioned him to follow proper procedures by registering and becoming a full fledged member of the NRM.

Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja also urged all opposition members not to waste their time in ineffective parties. Nabbanja also promised to meet with the NUP party structures in Kisoro because NRM welcomes all.

by election in kisoro-Bukimbiri

However it’s not yet known whether the Nup structure in kisoro will join her or not.

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