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IUEA manufactured the first electric tractor in Africa



The International University of East Africa (IUEA) in partnership with Global Regenerators have manufactured the first ever electric tractor in Africa.

The Regenerators started with one tractor as a trial to guide the future inventions, and once they are done with tests, more OX-4 tractors will be manufactured.

IUEA Manufactures First electric car in Africa

The newly manufactured tractor is called OX-4, and is made up of 25 – horsepower and four wheels making it the most powerful. This idea was developed by Oggun, a US-based company, which provided the blueprint.

This tractor has two distinct aspects that makes it stand out. Not like other tractors which are powered by diesel or gasoline engines, the OX-4 tractor operates by use of electric hub motors, which are powered by four rechargeable batteries.

The batteries to this tractor are currently being built in Uganda by an energy company called Soleil Power.

The tractors of this kind are also not for sale and will be available online for hire through an online application called Last Mile.
According to Prof. Emeka Akaezuwa, the Vice Chancellor of IUEA, this innovation came after an assessment of a lower number of tractors in Africa.

We learnt that the regenerators aim at making services to local farmers easy. The anticipated amount for hire will range from about shs. 60, 000 per acre, compared to the current ploughing charge of about shS. 180, 000 per acre.

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