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MubsGuildRace: Mubs Guild Race Heats Up Ahead Of Mid August Polls



Makerere University Business School has awakened and want a Guild President for 2022/2023’ is what the Electoral Commission chairman said when he swore this week. The MUBS Guild campaigns are underway as candidates wait to be vetted by the Electoral Commission seem to be taking an interesting twist.

The race has become tight amongst all the candidates who, all have strong camps to boost of.  Bagumirabingi  Joseph on the NRM ticket,  Sheikh Kinene on the UYD ticket,  Kamugo Bruno on the NUP ticket, Mackline Isabella on the JEEMA, Nsereko Brian on the ANT ticket and finally John  who is on the FDC ticket are the solid candidates that are in the quest and strongly thirst to take up from HE Kiyega Rogers (current guild president) government.
As any other university on the road to guild elections, hype surrounds itself around the favorites to take up the seat; well you will be wrong when you start taking conclusions as regards MUBS guild elections. All the six candidates prove a threat to one another and this makes it a difficult election to predict.

Sheikh the UYD candidate who btw is also the ladies favorite, has purely loyal fans that kneel at all his processions. He has a large following all chanting ‘If it’s not Sheihk, it’s not safe”. When most fans (Mostly babes) are asked why they support Sheikh, they can’t come up with a satisfactory answer but simply love the ‘Sheikh ’. This has earned him many fans with some coming as a result of bandwagon effect. However credible sources reaching our site indicates the UYD flag Bearer might be pronouncing his next step after didnt go well on his side. We are yet tô confirm from his camp what is their next step.

Bagumirabingi  Joseph the NRM candidate has elite fans who take heart to believe his manifesto. He has served MUBS as the Guild Speaker and is coming to take on the race for guild president. He is a charismatic speaker and speaks with all the zeal and vigour. A one paron doing Business Administration was heard swearing that she is giving Joseph her vote because he is handsome and a good orator.

John of the FDC who was not known to many until he was declared FDC flag-bearer, is also a guild candidate that moves around promising the students a bright future with him in the seat. He walks with a small team of loyal fans and a big blue key which is the FDC symbol. Some have referred to him as the ‘walking guild president’ because he walks at most of his rallies to greet and talk to students but however credible sources way that is likely tô withdraw from the race tur tô unknown reasons.

Bruno Kamugo, NUP candidate who has been nicknamed the KB of MUBS because of the legal battles he has fought with the administration is also a ‘jigger in the toe’ to both the admin and the rest of the candidates. He is the serving GRC off campus and has also had his ups and downs with the administration. He has vowed to the students to bring a ‘Realistic MUBS they all want’. “Making it to the candidate list was not easy and I am here to fight for the students’ rights,” noted Victor on one of his rallies.

Mackline Isabella the JEEMA flag bearer is a another person who is shocking students with her new style of campagin of “One Vote matter”. Speaking with facts on ground .Mackline is deeply harvesting support from students as she does her silent campagin move that shaken her rivals tô revise on their campagin notes .Mackline is the woman every student is eyeing at as the next guild president . Mackline Isabella is the only female lady in the race who hás hope tô be the next guild president MUBS after years of not having another lady to take over mubs guild leadership.

Let the battlefield tremble as we await the sole lion or lioness that that’ll take over the throne

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  1. Rwentalo David

    August 2, 2022 at 9:22 pm

    That’s awesome

  2. Rwentalo David

    August 2, 2022 at 9:23 pm

    Kinda interesting but fanatic

  3. Hassan Bulesa

    August 11, 2022 at 11:43 pm

    Mackline is the best choice for the job

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