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WCW: Meet Makerere’s Top Model And Entrepreneur Amito, CEO Mora Collections.



Campasstv officially brings you today’s WCW, Amito Moreen 21 years old currently in her second year at Makerere University purisng Bachelors degree in Social Sciences

She is funny, hilarious and charming when you get to know and meet her in person. Amito has a unique sense of humour, down to earth lifestyle and really God fearing. She is the type of girl you’d probably fall for sooner than you’d expect for her personality.

She is certainly well endowed with glamourous features from head to toe. You’d bet your money if she passes by a guy, he’ll have to turn burn and grace her “Grand German juice”. Not only is she on a good juice diet, Amito is one of the least Campus girls with perfect Kim K Curves, she is the type of beauty that’ll make your ex call Senga ASAP. I guarantee that.

This sexy curvaceous beauty is also benedicted with a fly sense of style. You’d never get her wrong on any outfit wherever, whenever for she does take fashion and modelling too serious. She also dresses various friends around campus and plans on taking the talent far. More to that, Amito started dressing people from way back in her high school vacation

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