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WCW: Meet Makerere’s Indomitable Leader , Ampumuza Melissa Faith



It’s Wednesday again and you know what that means, a time to bring you thee goddesses that live among us.
Today’s crush is Ampumuza Melissa whom at first glance one would jump to the conclusion she is from the land of themyscira the legendary mythical island of beautiful amazonians and yes I do mean it because this girl is a wonder woman in a gentleman’s words, “full package.”

This beautiful work of art is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in journalism and at the Wandegeya Makerere University currently in her second year.
She enrolled into Makerere University where she served as deputy prime minister in Shamim Nambassa’s Guild Government.

Well it’s safe to say i spent a long time in her friend zone to affirm how funny, hilarious and charming this genie can surely is. Melissa has a self-spoken unique sense of style when it comes to fashion. She is always on point whichever the occasion; lecture or party. Generally, she is the type of girl you’d love to keep

Melissa is also pretty smart when it comes to books and this goes way back from her childhood as she grew up being the best amongst all her friends. This beauty takes her educational career a priority as she never misses a single lecture be it on a hangover mode. By now you’re wondering how a super fun out going goddess like her balancing books with partying, well thats a mystery lam yet to uncover
Even still, what you do not know is that beneath this magnificent soul is a hardworking friendly and committed christian woman of valor.

While in her free time, Melissa enjoys listening to music, hanging out with friends, travelling and did I mention that she’s single?
Whether she’s contented or not is a question entirely not related to this article or this media house!

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