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Bobi Wine lashed out opposition for blaming Nup for the death of UCU student



The leader of the National Unity Platform(NUP) Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine has lashed out at some opposition members for accusing NUP of being behind the death of Betungura Bewatte of Uganda Christian University (UCU).

Bewatte, a second-year law student at UCU was stabbed on July 14 in a scuffle that ensued when supporters of NUP guild presidential candidate blocked the procession of Justus Tukamushaba, the Forum for Democratic guild presidential candidate at Makerere Rugby Grounds.Several leaders from other opposition parties including Justice Forum(JEEMA) blamed NUP for failure to control its supporters.
Kyagulanyi said it was unfortunate for some opposition leaders to blame the unfortunate incident on them despite all indicators that the murder could even have been carefully planned by regime in order to achieve its objectives.

He mentioned,“One of the most disappointing thing about this incident was seeing some people who claim to be fighting for the same objective as us, trying to blame the murder on the NUP camp, even before investigations could start.’
Kyagulanyi said he was not surprised by this, given the fact that the regime uses every opportunity to divide those who oppose it, and to discredit NUP as a violent group so as to legitimise its violence and brutality against them.

Bobi wine said, xFor long, we have made several attempts to work closely with comrades from these camps but our efforts always tend to be rebuffed by some of their leaders. What a pity it is that these comrades have fallen for the regime’s bait calculated to further drive a wedge among the forces of change.”

He reminded the citizens that as NUP they have only one enemy and that is president Museveni’s regime.

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